Octocopter Video Flight – Büsum from above

Octocopter - Büsum from above

Octocopter - Büsum from above

At the beginning of October we used the last sunny days to film a few special shots. Together with ‘Luftbildservice Bernot’ from Rendsburg we filmed aerial video shots from Büsum, Schleswig-Holstein at the westcoast of Germany with an octocopter. For the aircraft operation we produced an corporate video for Luftbildservice Bernot.

Octocopter for aerial shots

The unmanned air vehicle is an octocopter optimized by owner Carsten Bernot.
The octocopter has eight special rotors. The mounting uncouples the camera from vibrations. The eletronics regulates the speed of the rotors and stabilizes the flight attitude.

Oktokopter with pilot Luftbildservice Bernot

Oktokopter with pilot Carsten Bernot of Luftbildservice Bernot

The small design has huge advantages. You don’t need an expensive helicopter flight. A helicopter needs to stay above the minimum height. The octocopter can easily be used from 16 to 300 feet. Near airports and in cities a flight permit is necessary.

Preparation for take-off of the Octocopter

Before the start the antennas are checked. The octocopter is sending GPS-position, altitude und direction to the remote.

Octocopter remote

Octocopter remote

Preparation of the octocopter before the start

Oktokopter Preparing the Canon 550D

The fixture of the octocopter can swivel the camera horizontally and vertically. The camera picture is transmitted to the remote. The pilot can see the route of the octocopter. The director determines the best perspectives.

Video monitoring of the octocopter

Video monitoring of the octocopter

Flight duration with an Octocopter

Depending on the camera you use the octocopter can fly for 7 to 15 minutes per battery pack. In the octocopter we used a Canon 550D with Technicolor Picture Style. With this camera we colud fly for about 8 minutes per flight.
While changing the battery the material is saved onto the notebook. During the sighting the director can determine, if the recordings are good or if another flight is needed.

Material Review on the Screen

When all shots are finished the material is color corrected and cutted.

Some of the shots will be used in the Local-Monitor as eyecatchers.


The Film of the Octocopter Flight

The making of was filmed with a Canon 7D.

On a windless day very stable shots are possible. The perspectives are very interesting for tourism. Companies can show their size with an aerial film from above. Here it is worth to resort to the experience of a pilot, to get the best possible result.

Some of the shots will be used in the Local-Monitor as eyecatchers.



More information on the octocopter can you see here:


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