Compositing – Car Crash as a Special Effect for a Short Film

Finished Composition of the Motortruck Crash

Composition of the Finished Motortruck Crash

For the short film “PHANTOMSCHMERZ” of students of the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg Germany, Malte Derks und Daniel Jacob, the UNEM-Filmpro­duktion made a visual effect scene. The driver of a car should collide head on with a motortruck. To avoid complex stuntdrives the sequence was done in a 3D-Compositing.
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Mobile Film Studio – Appealing Product Films at the Client Site

Lagerhalle und mobiles Studio
The demand for product films is rising. On exhibitions, the company website and on DVD companies are showing their products and abilities in moving pictures.

Rarely a film productions finds optimal conditions in the company to present a machine optically appealing. Instead of transporting a manufacturing plant to a film studio now it is possible to optimise the presentation on site.
Link to the Product Film Making Of Video
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Bluescreen Studio – Technique and Application Examples

Bluescreen Studio and final videoWith a bluescreen you can place an actor in any environment. The blue of the bluescreen studio is replaced by a movie or a computer animation.

What to consider when building the blue screen and the implementation of scenes will be answered here.
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Shooting Report Corporate film with DSLR and Technicolor Picture Style

On Set of UNEM Filmproduktion
In the latest corporate video of the UNEM-Filmproduction for Rekord Fenster und Türen (windows and doors) the Canon 7D with the Technicolor Picture Style have been used. In this shooting report we explain the content focus and technical conditions of this corporate video production. Link to the image film


The aim of the image film is to show the quality of the products. The film gives customers and interested parties an insight into the production and a sense of security and trust.
In the staging of this image film, it is especially important to show the people that create this quality every day. The film shows that the company has successfully implemented a combination of craftsmanship with the optimized processes of industrial production.
The film production values a steady camera work, with sequence shots on dolly and crane – a staged production with lighting design and cinematic depth of field.
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Technicolor Cinestyle vs. Neutral Style of the Canon 7D

Canon DSLR-Cameras are providing stunning images with the default settings in video mode. However, a color correction in the 8-bit video mode is restricted because of the high contrast. Flat curves in the Picture Style of the DSLR are improving the color correction capabilities. Besides profiles like for example Marvel Cine, Technicolor is now offering an authorized Canon Picture profile which should use the dynamic range of the sensor optimally. For this purpose we have filmed different lighting situations. We described the influence of the Picture Style and made a comparison with the Neutral Style of Canon.

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