IBC 2011 – Sony SCL-Z18X140 Motor Zoom Lens for PMW F3

Sony SCL-Z18X140 Zoom-Lens

Sony SCL-Z18X140 Zoom-Lens

The new zoom lens SCL-Z18X140 for the Sony PMW-F3 have been presented on the IBC in Amsterdam. The 14x zoom lens has a built-in zoom-motor and can therefore be controled with the servo zoom lever.

The Lens has the FZ Mount of the Sony F3.



It’s a 18-252mm with a T3.8 at wide angle. The zoom is smooth and as you know it from eng-cameras could be adjusted in speed with the zoom lever.

SCL-Z18X140 with Mattebox

Attention! For those of you who wants to use a matte box:

Sony SCL-Z18X140 Zoom-Lens

Sony SCL-Z18X140 Zoom-Lens

The inner part of the Lens move out a bit when in tele, about 1 inch. With smaller matte boxes the use of filters can be limited. But with our large RedRock Micro matte box this shouldn’t be a problem.

Addional features of the lens are steadyshot, an optical stabilizer, autofocus and Lens Data Read.

Lens Data Read

The meta data of the lens like Apperture, focus and zoom data, can be stored on the SxS Pro Card to the video data, like with DSLR. Good for VFX (visual effects) because that data can be used to reconstruct the camera in a 3D-compositing.

Nameplate of the Sony SCL-Z18X140 Zoom-Lens

Sony SCL-Z18X140 Zoom-Lens

Additional information on the new lens SCL-Z18X140 at Sony:

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