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4k filming with a Canon 1DX Mark2 – DSLR

After the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k (BMPC) and the Canon EOS C100, we are back to a DSLR from Canon for our film production – the 1DX Mark2. Which camera delivers the better pictures the Canon 1DX Mark II or the C100? Is 4k worth the upgrade? How good is the autofocus? We report on our experiences with the cameras at Imagefilm productions Continue reading

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Comparison Canon EOS-7D vs. Canon EOS-1D X

A photographer friend (Dennis Siebert, www.shadowandlight.de) has recently got the new full-frame DSLR Canon 1D-X. A good opportunity to do a little test on the improvements of the video quality of the Canon 1D-X compared to the Canon 7D. Continue reading

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Octocopter Video Flight – Büsum from above

At the beginning of October we used the last sunny days to film a few special shots. Together with ‘Luftbildservice Bernot’ from Rendsburg we filmed aerial video shots from Büsum, Schleswig-Holstein at the westcoast of Germany with an octocopter. For the aircraft operation we produced an corporate video for Luftbildservice Bernot.

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Shooting Report Corporate film with DSLR and Technicolor Picture Style

In the latest corporate video of the UNEM-Filmproduction for Rekord Fenster und Türen (windows and doors) the Canon 7D with the Technicolor Picture Style have been used. In this shooting report we explain the content focus and technical conditions of this corporate video production. Continue reading

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Technicolor Cinestyle vs. Neutral Style of the Canon 7D

Canon DSLR-Cameras are providing stunning images with the default settings in video mode. However, a color correction in the 8-bit video mode is restricted because of the high contrast. Flat curves in the Picture Style of the DSLR are improving the color correction capabilities. Besides profiles like for example Marvel Cine, Technicolor is now offering an authorized Canon Picture profile which should use the dynamic … Continue reading